Pool Party Prep

Fireworks, BBQ, and displays of Red, White, & Blue. Sounds good to me! The 4th of July is a patriotic time and holds dear to American hearts. Make sure your pool party is a memorable one this year. Imagine everything you love about the holiday, now, include a pool, tons of friends, and patriotic-themed drinks. So, how do you prepare for a pool party that will be just as epic as the holiday? Rising Sun Pools has compiled a list to prepare for your party! 

Clean the Pool Deck 

Cleaning off your pool deck is priority number one. With the amount of foot traffic that will be around the pool area, it’s important to reduce clutter as much as possible. Start by clearing the clutter around the deck. If it’s not pool furniture, pool accessories, or seats you can put it in storage for the time being. 

Next, checking to see if there are any cracks or damage on your deck is key to safety. Repair what you can and safely cover what cannot be repaired immediately. Sweeping the pool area to clear dirt or leaves will keep your area clean and safe from slippery leaves or twigs. Brushing and washing the deck will ensure a cleaner surface and prevent falls during the party. 

Check & Clean Pool Pump

Your pool pump helps circulate water around your pool to ensure cleanliness. Without the pool pump, your pool would be a green swamp in a matter of minutes, yuck! So for clean, clear, and healthy water all week long, do a quick check-up on your pump. 

Here’s how to clean the pump before your party 

  • Turn the pump off
  • Unscrew the pump lid
  • Check for damage 
    • Worn out O-rings (under the lid)
    • Cracks in the pump housing
    • Loud or rattling motor
  • Empty pump basket
  • Prime pump
  • Turn on and test 

Inspect & Clean Filters

Checking filters helps keep your water clean and contaminant free. You’ll want it running at peak performance to handle everything the pool party throws at it. There are three distinct filters: cartridge, sand, and DE filters. 

For cartridge pool filters 

  • Open the filter and remove the cartridge 
  • Rinse off the cartridge with a hose, replace if too dirty 
  • Rinse out inside of filter housing to clear debris 

For DE pool filters 

  • Open up the filter and remove the DE grids 
  • Rinse grids and replace if necessary 
  • Add DE powder to the pool skimmer then run a pump to send to the filter

For sand pool filters 

  • Open filter 
  • Check the sand, if it’s dark, dry, and clumpy – replace it 
  • Backwash sand filter to clear out debris buildup 

Shock It 

When all those swimmers get into the pool, there’s going to be an excess of contaminants added to the water. Suntan lotions, cosmetics, soap, and natural body oils will contaminate your pool incognito. Which is why you need to make sure to arm your pool with the proper defense, shocking your pool. Shocking the pool boosts your sanitizer levels, which adds another layer of contaminant fighting defense. The exact thing your pool needs before a heavy swimmer load. 

Rising Sun Pools & Spas

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate our nation’s history and independence. We hope these tips helped your pool party prep! Have a Happy 4th! 

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