Pool Maintenance Tips That You Must Know

Raleigh inground pools are a common sight in most homes as people like to enjoy some quality time with family and friends. If you are a proud owner of a home with an in-ground pool in Raleigh, then you must know how to maintain it so you can enjoy it. To ensure that your pool is clean and inviting, follow the below maintenance tips. 

Clean the Filter

Dirt, leaves, flowers, and toys are some of the impurities that gather in the pool filter. You must turn off the filter, remove the cap, lift out the filter basket, and remove the impurities at least once a week.

Clean the Baskets

In addition to the filters, you must also check the collection pots and various baskets that your pool has. Don’t forget to clean the skimmer basket and hair and lint pot once every two weeks.

Keep Chemical Levels Consistent

Improper levels of chemicals can cause irritation in the eyes and skin, make the pool look murkier, and it can also lead to bacterial growth.

Shock the Pool

Shocking simply means raising the level of chlorine for a short period, which helps to kill bacteria. It is ideal to follow this tip at least twice every season.

Watch the Water Level

Water levels are important as they can cause an imbalance in the chemicals used.

Skim and Scrub

Skimming refers to removing debris from the pool’s surface, and scrubbing would be used at the sides of the pool or the pool deck to make it look clean and well maintained. You can use a power wash to clean the pool deck as well.

Use a Tennis Ball

Throw a tennis ball or two into the pool. Its fibers absorb the oil and keep them away from portraying a slick shine on the water surface.

Winterize to Prevent Damage

Make sure that you invest in winterizing your pool as it will save you a lot of time and money on repairs.

Contact Rising Sun Pools

It is also ideal to get your pool professionally serviced annually to ensure that it is in good shape, and is working as it should. Professional knowledge will help you prolong the life of your pool. 

You can always contact Rising Sun Pools & Spas for more information on pool maintenance, as well as services related to hot tubs in Raleigh, NC.