How to Keep Your Pool Cover Secure

As you prepare to close your pool, don’t forget about the importance of making sure your pool cover is secure for the winter.

Do I really need to cover my pool?

Yes! We highly recommend covering your pool when closing it for the season. There are a number of reasons to use a pool cover, including:

  • It’s a safety precaution. If you have children or pets, a pool cover can help prevent a dangerous accident.
  • It keeps your pool free of debris. This will keep your pool clean and help make opening the pool in the spring a much easier task.
  • It protects your pool. Winter weather, particularly in the Triangle, can be unpredictable. By keeping your pool covered, you will minimize its exposure to winter weather conditions and prevent possible damage to your pool’s interior.

Once my pool is covered, how do I keep it secure?

Simply covering your pool is not enough to keep it secure. You should also use something to ensure that the cover stays in place throughout winter. We recommend using one of the following options:

  • Water tubes. Water tubes are made from heavy-duty vinyl and then filled with water to give them weight. Then, they sit around the edges of your pool cover, keeping it in place, even during winter weather conditions. It’s important to keep in mind when filling them with water not to overfill them. We recommend filling the tubes no more than 3/4 full, as the water will need room to expand if it freezes. One downside to water tubes is that they are more prone to deflation and leaks.
  • Aqua Blocks. Similar to water tubes, Aqua Blocks are also filled with water to give them weight to secure your pool cover. However, they are made out of durable polyethylene that is resistant to cracking and fading. Aqua Blocks come with covers that lock in place to prevent water from leaking. Additionally, when they are empty, they stack together and can be stored easily. Due to their sturdy material, Aqua Blocks are less prone to leaks than water tubes.

Note: You should NEVER use sharp objects like cinder blocks, bricks, etc. to keep your pool cover in place. They can cause damage to the cover as well as the pool.

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