Patio Planning 101

The beautiful weather the triangle has experienced the last few days may have a some of you thinking about the warm days of spring and summer, and the things you can do to make sure your home is ready when the weather warms up for good. If you’re thinking about building or renovating a patio or pool area, Rising Sun Pools has three things you should think about before starting construction:

What is the purpose of your patio?

Everything from a successful build to the decoration of your patio revolves around its purpose. How do you plan to use your outdoor patio or deck? Will it primarily be family space? Or maybe you intend for it to be a place of entertainment for guests. Perhaps you’re the grill master who needs some outdoor cooking space. Or do you just need a place to dry off after hanging out in your pool. Discovering the purpose of your patio early in the planning process is will ensure that you get started on the right foot.

Complement your home

Regardless of how you will use your outdoor patio, it’s essential that the materials you use to build it complement the materials that make up your home. For example, if you have a neutral colored home, then your patio probably shouldn’t be electric green. Your patio’s size should also be suited to the size of the home, as well as the size of your family.

Complementing your home extends to patio furniture and other accessories as well. Use these accessories to add flare to your patio area in ways that would be more risky with the physical construction of your patio area. Be sure to keep the big picture in mind when choosing all materials and accessories, and you’ll end up with a beautiful and fun relaxation spot.

Stay cost effective

Unless you have the money to throw around on home renovations every year (which few of us do), chances are you’d like for your patio to remain functional for several years. Be sure to choose quality over quantity when purchasing building materials as well as outdoor furniture. Plastic or resin furniture tends to become brittle and show signs of wear after long exposures in the sun, while Marine Grade Polymer is designed to stand up to the most rigorous of weather conditions.

Style plays an important factor in cost effectiveness as well. If you want to update your patio furniture less frequently, choose a classic style that is less likely to go out of fashion than a more unique look.

Rising Sun Pools is proud to be your one-stop shop for patio furniture, accessories and outdoor kitchens. If you would like help planning your patio or pool area, stop by one of our showroom locations to speak with one of our knowledgable representatives.