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BullBBQ-bbq-outdoor-island-kitchenThe BBQ Island

The BBQ outdoor kitchen island is perfect for grilling your favorite recipes.

The “L” shaped BBQ design will become the center of your outdoor cooking and entertainment

BBQ Island Spec Sheet


Power BBQ

The Power BBQ uses the same counter top as our most popular island, the BBQ. The smaller base design maximizes the counter space and minimizes the space needed to place it in your backyard. This attractive wrap-around counter makes certain that you can sit up to 6 adults for conversation, cocktails, or to enjoy some of your favorite grilling creations!

Power BBQ Spec Sheet


Culinary Q

The Culinary Q has all the entertaining capabilities you need in order to share your favorite grilling recipes on its spacious bar area.

Culinary Q Spec Sheet

BullBBQ-gourmet-qGourmet Q

The Gourmet Q is the largest of our islands. Its spacious bar area is perfect for a luxurious outdoor dining experience and ideal for entertaining. With its ample space for seating you can serve up your favorite grilling recipes in style.

Gourmet Q Spec Sheet

Jr. Gourmet Q

The Jr. Gourmet Q and its ample bar area can seat up to 4 people comfortably. Its smaller “L” shaped design allows for great outdoor entertainment or just simply creating your favorite recipes in a wonderful outdoor setting.

 Jr Gourmet Q Spec Sheet

BullBBQ-leisure-qLeisure Q

The Leisure Q is one of our newest and largest islands. Its great design allows for comfortably seating up to 8 adults. With two circular bars on each side of the Angus 4 Burner Grill and one bar behind, you can serve up your favorite grilling recipes with all of your family and friends.


Little Q

The Little Q is one of our smaller island designs, but still allows for seating up to 4 people comfortably. This island is perfect for a more compact backyard with great entertainment capabilities. Whether you are looking to share your favorite grilling recipes with family and friends, or just enjoying a wonderful outdoor cooking environment, this island is a fantastic option.

Little Q Spec Sheet


Luxury Q

The Luxury Q is one of our newest island designs and is great for smaller backyards. Its stylish “L” shaped design seats up to 3 people so that you can create your grilling favorites and easily share them with your guests.

Luxury Q Spec Sheet


Master Q

The Master Q is an ideal grilling station for a smaller backyard or patio space that provides adequate counter space to create your favorite grilling recipes.

 Master Q Spec Sheet


Mesquite Q

The Mesquite Q is ideal for backyard entertainment and can seat up to 4 people comfortably. This great grilling station also provides a food prep area so you can create all your favorite grilling recipes.

Mesquite Q Spec Sheet


Octi Q

The Octi Q provides a more intimate setting with the octagonal seating area. This island will become the center of your backyard entertainment and provide a great place to enjoy your grilling creations.

Octi Q Spec Sheet


Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen island is one of our first and most complete outdoor barbecue kitchens. This design provides a backyard entertainment center and the space to handle all of your outdoor grilling needs. This is the ultimate grilling & entertaining station.

Outdoor Kitchen Spec Sheet


Deca Q

One of our newest islands, the Deca Q is a great option for any backyard grilling enthusiast.

Deca Q Island with Brahma Spec Sheet

Deca Q Island with Angus Spec Sheet


Mega Q

One of our newest islands and also one of our biggest. The Mega Q outdoor kitchen island is the ultimate grilling station.


Patio Q

One of our newest islands, the Patio Q is perfect for a smaller yard or patio space.

Patio Q Spec Sheet


Power Q Raised Back

The Power Q Raised Back Bar adds a bar to our “Power Q” design. This is a great option for a smaller backyard entertainer looking for a bar area to serve cocktails or to present your freshly grilled food to your family and friends.

Power Q Raised Back Spec Sheet


Rodeo Q

The Rodeo Q has all the capabilities of providing an intimate outdoor cooking and dining experience in a efficient design package. Its rounded seating counter space is perfect for dining and serving your favorite grilling recipes to all of your guests.


Supreme Q

The Supreme Q provides a large countertop option for those looking to entertain a bigger crowd. This grilling station is an entertainer’s dream and will become the center of your outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

Supreme Q Spec Sheet


The Western Q

The Western Q has plenty of room for entertaining friends and family. With the raised bar and the extra counter space, you will never run out of room to share all your favorite grilling recipes in the comfort of your backyard.

Western Q Spec Sheet


Power Q

The Power Q is a wonderful addition to any smaller backyard or patio area. It comes standard with a refrigerator to keep your beverages and food cold for all your entertainment needs, while the counter space is great for preparing your favorite recipe.

Power Q Spec Sheet

Outdoor Bar Islands

Dreaming of a complete backyard makeover? Once you’ve chosen your outdoor kitchen island, outfit your patio or pool deck with a new hot tubpatio furniture, outdoor seating, patio umbrellas and more — we have it all at Rising Sun Pools! Visit our Raleigh or Garner, NC outdoor kitchen showrooms to get started.

Rising Sun Pools is proud to provide barbecue grills and outdoor kitchen islands across the Triangle, including Raleigh, Garner, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. 


The Power Bar

The Power Bar outdoor island is a great place to gather around with friends and family for refreshments. This island comfortably seats 4 adults. The 18″ bar center is the perfect place to chill your favorite drinks and condiments.


The Entertainer’s Bar

A wonderful choice for those looking to have guests over for cocktails. This bar also includes plenty of counter space for appetizers or whatever you choose to serve your guests. We can match the counter and base colors to your current outdoor kitchen island.