Nothing Says Fun Like Summer

We all remember those long summer days where we played outside all day, came home when the sun went down and couldn’t wait to get up the next day to do it all over again! If we were lucky, we even got to spend the day at the pool!

Pool GamesIn the true spirit of summer, we found a few games that can liven up your pool time fun and keep your favorite miniature swimmers occupied and squealing with laugher for hours!

King of the Tube

Pool game where teams compete for best time.


  • any number of  players (2 or more)
  • pool tube/donut
  • timer/stopwatch

How to play:

Each team selects a champion who can stay on a tube the longest.

One at a time, a champion sits in a tube, and when the timer starts, the opposite teams all try to tip over the champion WITHOUT TOUCHING HIM, only the tube.

Time each champion, see who stays on the longest.

Water Frisbee


  • four or more players
  • Frisbee
  • two laundry baskets

How to play:

This game is played in water with as many people as you want. You will need a Frisbee and two laundry baskets for the goals.

Split your group into two teams. One side defends, and one tries to score. Toss a coin to see which team goes first.  You will need someone positioned outside of the pool to retrieve the Frisbee as needed.

Once the scoring side is chosen, one person from their team throws the Frisbee from outside of the pool to a fellow team member.  The thrower may then join their team in the pool.  Once someone catches the Frisbee they have to hold it like they are a waiter. They can have NO grasp on the Frisbee!  It must be resting on the tips of their fingers. They also can’t swim once in possession of the Frisbee. They can only walk or pass it. The Frisbee can be thrown when passing.  Repeat this until you score a goal by getting the Frisbee into your team’s laundry basket. Then it’s the next team’s turn.

Bottle Brigade Race


  • two or more players
  • two or more empty plastic bottles

How to play:

Contestants race across the pool while pushing an empty plastic bottle with their feet.

What time is it, Mr. Sharkey?


  • three or more players

How to play:

One person is Mr. Sharkey and stands at the end of the pool while the rest of the kids stand at the other end. The kids call out “What time is it Mr. Sharkey?” and Mr. Sharkey says a time, such as 4 o’clock. Then all the kids take four swim strokes toward him. This continues until Mr. Sharkey answers: “It’s lunch time!” and the kids all turn and swim back to the starting end of the pool. If Mr. Sharkey tags one of the kids, he or she is now Mr. Sharkey.

As always, Rising Sun Pools & Spas reminds you to please be as safe as possible around pools and follow all recommended water safety procedures.

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