Must-Haves for New Pool Owners

Congrats! You now own one of 10.4 million residential pools in America. Your warmer days will now be filled with cooling off with your friends and family and floating in the sun. As a new pool owner, you probably already know a lot about pool care, installation, and maintenance, but you’re going to learn a lot more about your new pool in the next few months. Going to a pool supplies Raleigh NC store is a great place to start for new pool supplies and equipment. Here’s a few things you should have on your “Check out our pool!” list:

Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum is an easy way to keep your pool clean. Like any other vacuum, pool vacuums will clean the bottom of your pool, and sometimes even the sides as well. Just plug it in, throw it in your pool, and push the start button!

Water Test Strips

Water test strips are helpful when it comes to making sure your pool has all the right chemicals and enough to keep your pool clean and safe. It’s important to test your pool at least once a week. They cover things like total chlorine, bromine, total hardness, pH, and more.

Pool Shock

According to Swim University, your pool shouldn’t smell like anything if the chemicals are equally balanced. If it does have a chemical smell, this means that you should give your pool a good shock. Shocking your pool will kill bacteria and make sure you have clean water. 

Filter Cleaner

Pool filters help keep large particles of dirt, leaves, or other things out of your pool. These filters can get full pretty quickly depending on the location of your pool, and could clog up your filters. Getting a filter cleaner can help to remove residue, prevent cloudy and suspended sediment, and help your filter work better.

Pool Cover

Pool covers can also help to keep things out of

 your pool. They can also help keep it protected in the colder months. With a pool cover, you can also add copious amounts of pool chemicals to prevent algae and bacteria growth.

Pool Chemicals

Having the right pool chemicals can make your pool season so much better. They provide you with smooth sailing through the season, without too many major repairs or the need to call a professional. Here are the chemicals you’ll need to add to your pool in the correct order:

  • Total Alkalinity
  • pH
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Sanitizer (chlorine)
  • Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

You should NEVER mix these chemicals outside of the pool. Mixing pool chemicals can create toxic fumes. Adding them one at a time might take longer, but it’s so much safer. You might need other chemicals, such as stain prevention, algaecide, or phosphate remover. Talk so someone at your local pool supplies Raleigh NC store to learn more about other chemicals you could potentially need for your pool.

Brushes, Nets, and Skimmers


Brushes, nets, and skimmers can help to protect your pool from algae growth, dirt or particle build-up, and to help get animals, pests, or other bugs out of your pool. This will help your filters run more smoothly, keep your chemicals balanced, and to allow you to enjoy your pool without the worry of bugs or pests.

Pool Floats

One way to get your pool to be the talk of the town (other than its cleanliness) is to have pool toys for people of all ages. From inflatable rings, lounge chairs, and balls, there are endless accessories that best suit you and your pool. They even have inflatable rings that are small enough to hold your drinks, coolers, or other snacks to enjoy while you’re soaking up the sun.

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