Money-Saving Tips for Your Pool

Store Your Vacuum Head Correctly

Most pool owners end up having to replace their vacuum head because the brushes on the bottom have either flattened out or fallen off. Store it upside down and out of the sun! In the winter when it is not being used, keep it away from chlorine.

Use A Solar Cover with Your Pool Heater

Solar covers maintain heat in the pool, keep debris out, and help attract heat from the sun. If you only use a solar cover at night, it helps to keep the heat from escaping.

Use Baking Soda Instead of Alkalinity

Baking soda will increase your pool’s alkalinity levels, but only go this route if you need to bump up the alkalinity just a little. Baking soda is more powdery than your standard Alkalinity Increaser and may cause your pool water to be cloudy.

Close Your Above Ground Pools Yourself

It can cost up to $250 to close down an above ground pool. Learn how to do it yourself:

  1. Add your closing chemicals to the water
  2. Drain your pool, 6 to 8 inches below the skimmer
  3. Remove the hoses from your pool filter and pump
  4. Remove all the drain plugs from your pump and filter and store them in the pump basket
  5. Store your pump and filter in a safe place (unless you have a sand filter)
  6. Install a winter plug in the return line
  7. Blow up the air pillow and float it to the middle of the pool. You can use The Pool Pillow Pal to keep it centered (I don’t get paid for that endorsement, it’s just a really neat product)
  8. Drape the cover over the pool and secure it using cable and winch and/or winter cover clips
  9. Add water bags to the deck to hold the cover in place

Keep Pool Cover Clean During Winter

Inground pools with mesh safety covers will not have this problem. Make sure you use a pool cover pump and get the water off the top of the cover. When the cover is dry, use a broom and get as many leaves and debris off the top of the cover as you can.

Run Your Filter Less in Mild Climates

During the hottest part of summer, it is recommended to run your pool for 10 to 12 hours a day. Keeping the water clean and moving will help to prevent algae growth and other problems. When the water is colder, it is harder for algae to grow, so you can cut back to running your pool for only 6 hours a day.

Buy Pool Chemicals Early and In Bulk

Get a jump-start on the season! Stock up on chlorine and shock since you will be using them all summer!

Run Your Pool Pump At Night

The peak hours for most electric companies are from 7am-7pm during the week. This is the time when it costs the most money to use electricity. Run your filter during the off-peak hours to save cash.

Shock Your Pool Every Week

Shocking your pool every week helps maintain a healthy and clear pool.

Use a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners have mesh filters that collect debris and filter the water. While running your robotic cleaner while the filter and pump are not running, you are saving money and keeping your pool clean.

Keep An Eye On Chlorine Stabilizer Level

By adding chlorine stabilizer to your pool water, it will help keep the chlorine in your water longer to fight what it needs to keep your water sanitized.

Don’t Waste Pool Water

Limit your pool water evaporation by making sure your pool is covered when not in use, check for leaks, minimize splash out, and don’t backwash your filter too much!