Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer with a Pool!

It’s that time of year again: the days are longer, weekends are spent grilling out and the kids are counting down the days until summer break begins. At Rising Sun Pools, we believe that a pool is one of the best ways to keep your kids happy and entertained during the summer months.

Whether it’s an in-ground or aboveground model, your kids will enjoy having a pool in the backyard, and you’ll love the benefits too!

A pool helps your kids stay active

Swimming and playing games in the pool is a great way for children (and adults!) to stay active, strengthen muscles and build stamina. Your kids will be having so much fun splashing around that they won’t even realize they’re exercising.

A pool gives your kids a break from screens

In this digital age, it’s easy to spend a majority of your day in front of a phone, tablet, TV or computer. Spending time in the pool will give their eyes, and minds, a break from screen use. Plus, they will be just as excited about pool time as they will be about playing the latest video game.

A pool is a great way to encourage family time

Swimming pools are fun for the whole family. While older children may be inclined to spend time away from home with their friends, having a swimming pool in your backyard can be a way to promote family time that kids of all ages will enjoy. Get the whole family involved by holding contests to see who can swim a lap the fastest or who can create the biggest splash. Time spent in the pool is a great way for families to create special memories for years to come.

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