Is Soaking In A Hot Tub Before Or After Exercise Good For Sore Muscles?

Exercise should be an integral part of our lives. It improves our health, our mood, and helps relieve stress. Some people choose to do weights, while others prefer running or perhaps doing an exercise class. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to exercising or are used to sore muscles, jumping in a hot tub may seem like a good idea to soothe your aches and pains. However, it’s probably not the best idea to jump in right after. It is recommended that you wait at least 36 to 48 hours after a hard workout. Both heat and cold therapy can promote healing and prevent muscle damage following exercise.

Tapping Into Benefits Of Your Hot Tub Before & After Working Out

Your hot tub is already a part of your daily lifestyle, but how does it help with your exercise routine? Here are a few guidelines to consider.

1. Before you exercise, have a 10-20 minute hot tub soak.

This helps increase blood flow and elasticity of connective tissue. This means that if you have a tight muscle, a warm bath can help it relax. After heating your muscles, it is best to stretch those warm muscles before your workout. Stretching gently in the hot tub can also help you relax those muscles. If you use a hot tub before you exercise, remember to stay hydrated. Hot tubs increase perspiration and promotes fluid loss, which can undermine your performance while exercising.


2. After exercising, let your muscles and heart rate cool down.

Gently walking after a tough workout can help your mind and body relax. This also helps stimulate the healing and recovery process. As mentioned before it is best to wait at least 36 to 48 hours before getting into the hot tub in order to soothe your muscles.

3. Stretch tight muscles to avoid injury

Sore, tired muscles are evidence of the physical stress your body endures in an effort to stay fit and healthy. Getting rid of the pain requires practical methods and patience. Stretching is a good way to relieve your muscles of the intense stress you exerted on them. Gently stretching both your upper and lower body after exercising helps reduce muscle soreness and aches.


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