Is Maintaining A Swimming Pool Costly and Difficult?

Who wouldn’t want to install inground pools in Raleigh, right? Having an inground pool in your backyard can be so much fun. You may be wondering if swimming pool maintenance is costly and difficult, especially when compared to pool installation Raleigh NC.

Maintaining a Swimming Pool

While many believe that it is better left in the hands of experts, here is what you can add to your maintenance routine to easily maintain your swimming pool:


To free your pool of debris, bugs, plant matter, and other pollutants, pools have skimmers on the side walls. The skimmers trap the surface debris and need to be emptied every week.

Scum Sock

Pet parents who want to maintain a pool must install a scum sock in their swimming pool if they want the water to be clean and free of animal fur. If you fail to install one, there is a possibility that your pump filters will be clogged by fur. 

Leaf Net and Pool Brushes

It is a simple device with a net on a pole that is useful in removing leaves and large debris in the pool. The pool brush is used to scrub the walls of the pool to remove minerals and other debris.

Automatic Pool Cleaning Device

You have covered the surface and the walls. To clean the bottom of the pool, you need a device as well. An automatic pool cleaning device is a device that runs and cleans the heavier debris, such as sand, from the bottom of the pool.

Circulation Pump

A circulation pump with a filter is a must-have for all swimming pools, especially if the pool undergoes heavy use. The pump is useful to remove organic waste such as sweat, sunblock, and such from the water. It is vital as these substances bind the chlorine in the water and prevent it from doing its job.


Adjusting the chlorine level and the alkalinity of the pool water needs attention every week.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to believe in misconceptions, such as the case of pool maintenance and its cost. The maintenance of Raleigh inground pools can be easy, as well as take less of your time and money if you know how to do it the right way. Understanding the cost involved with its maintenance helps to determine whether it is ideal to install a swimming pool when compared to hot tubs Raleigh NC.

The Cost of Owning a Swimming Pool

Owning and maintaining a swimming pool involves the following costs:

  • Cost of installation¬†
  • Heating cost
  • Maintenance cost

While the cost of installation is a one-time cost incurred, heating and maintenance costs for a swimming pool vary as per the type of pool, its size, usage, and so on. It might come as a surprise that the installation of a swimming pool is unquestionably the highest cost of owning a pool. The ongoing maintenance of the pool does take a chunk of the income, but it is a small amount when compared to the installation cost. Besides, if you maintain your swimming pool consistently, you will reduce its cost of maintenance over the years to come. Is maintaining a swimming pool costly and difficult? That depends on how consistent you are!