Try Our New Interactive Pool Builder!

When you imagine your dream pool, what do you see? Maybe you picture a kidney shape pool with dark blue water and a hot tub next to it. Or maybe you see yourself swimming in a classic rectangle pool, next to a cozy seating area and a fire pit.

With the launch of our new interactive Pool Builder, you can create your dream pool in just a matter of a few clicks!

When you use our Pool Builder, you can choose from different pool sizes and shapes, water colors, coping, decks and a number of different accessories like landscaping and pool lights. Once you submit your creation, you’ll receive an email with the features you chose, along with an estimated price range for everything you selected.

What’s the best part about the Pool Builder? The possibilities are endless! You can create as many different designs as you can imagine.

Pool Builder

If you choose the option to be contacted by Rising Sun Pools, one of our pool experts will reach out to you to walk you through the pool building process and discuss the next steps to building your perfect backyard oasis.

Ready to get started? Build your dream pool with our Pool Builder today!