In-ground Pool Trends for 2016

What’s trending in 2016 in-ground pool design?

Trend #1: Tanning ledges

What is a tanning ledge? It’s an area of your pool that has 12″ or less of water. Tanning ledges are perfect for relaxing in chaise lounges or they’re great for kids and dogs who don’t want to venture out into deeper water. Tanning ledges are available in fiberglass, vinyl and concrete in-ground pools. Ask your sales rep about a tanning ledge for your 2016 project!


Trend #2: Heat/Cool Heat Pumps

Never let the weather control your swimming pool temperature again! Modern, efficient heat pumps for pools work just like a heat pump for your home. Some models even offer heat pumps that cool as well as heat the water! Given how hot North Carolina summers can get, backyard pool temps can easily reach the mid-90s. But, with a heat/cool pump, you can keep your pool at the perfect temperature.

Who Needs Heat/Cool Heat Pumps? Typically, heat/cool units are very popular with people who have automatic pool covers or with those who have pools exposed to direct sunlight for a large portion of the day.

Ask your sales rep about heat pump manufacturers and options for your 2016 in-ground pool.


Trend #3: Glass Tile

All concrete pools and many fiberglass pools have a six-inch wide band of tile along the waterline of the pool. This is required on concrete pools to prevent staining the surface of the pool. Waterline tile is added to fiberglass pools for aesthetics, but it is not required because the gel coat surface of the pool in incredibly durable.

Glass tile is made of small squares or rectangles of colored translucent glass glued together on a 12”x12” sheet. The sheet is divided in half and applied to the pool. It is available in a myriad of colors and its stunning appearance can really make a big visual difference in your backyard in-ground pool!


Trend #4: Fire Bowls

fire-bowlFire bowls are a striking feature that’s guaranteed capture everyone’s attention. At night they can take your backyard ambiance to a whole new level.

Fire bowls are low maintenance and can be easily switched on and off manually or automatically. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Fire features require a lot of planning, so if this is an element you want in your 2016 in-ground pool plan, be sure to ask us about your options.