How to Remove Pollen From Your Pool

Pollen may be fun for the bees, but not so much for people! Not only does it make some of us sneeze and make our clean cars look filthy in a matter of minutes, but it also covers our swimming pools. Here are some tips on how to eliminate pollen from your pool water.

Is It Really Pollen?

Pollen can often look like some types of algae, such as yellow-colored mustard algae. The difference is that mustard algae stick to the walls and floors of your pool, while pollen simply floats on the surface of the water. It may also stick to the tile and inside of the skimmer. If you notice a yellow powder floating around in your pool, it is pollen. If it’s mustard algae, visit our products page to find Mustard Assasin for fast treatment.

Filter It

Running your filter won’t completely eliminate the pollen, but it will keep it under control. Also, skim your water on a daily basis with a fine mesh net, which can capture smaller particles in your water.

Shock It

Pollen can actually host harmful microorganisms, living off the pollen while it decays. Shock your pool at night with a chlorine-based shock to kill the bacteria and other pollutants. We have a variety of chlorine shocks to help you reduce any bacteria in your pool, visit our products page to view our list of products.

Check Your Baskets

The spring and summer months require your skimmers to work properly, so they may need to be emptied multiple times a week. If pollen is extra heavy, they may even need to be emptied every day. Before pollen season arrives, check to make sure that your baskets are not broken or in need of repair.

What’s The Harm?

If you are a new pool owner, you may not know the effect that pollen can have on your pool. Sure, it isn’t the best look, but what harm can it do? As organic matter, it uses up your pool’s sanitizer and can lead to algae if you don’t take care of it. Pollen can clog your filters and baskets, causing them to clog. Before algae, pollen can cause your pool to need more chlorine and give it a yellow/green tint, which isn’t a good look.

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