How to Plan a Staycation in Your Hot Tub

Has all of the quarantining made you want to take a vacation? But because of the pandemic still going on, it may not be the safest time to travel. If this sounds like a thought that has run through your head a time or two, Rising Sun Pools and Spa inground pool service has just the DIY project for you. 

A staycation with your hot tubs Raleigh NC in the comfort of your own backyard is just what you need to relax and unwind. You have a peaceful yard and a built-in spa waiting to begin the staycation process. How do you take your porch hot tub hangout spot to top-notch vacation vibes? Read these few tips from Rising Sun Pools.  

Describe your dream vacation.

First, if you could go anywhere, and do anything, what would your dream vacation entail? Now, take those components and see what you can do to make those dreams come alive in your backyard spa area. Say you love the beach, sand, and waves. Maybe you want to channel your inner cozy cabin vibes. Whatever it is, write your list down and start getting creative. 

Schedule your staycation. 

Just like any other vacation you’d go on, it takes planning. Give yourself enough time to order supplies, take time off of work, have an empty house, and get rid of any other stressors that might get in the way of your relaxation during your staycation. Once you have your selected date or week, make sure all other obligations are cleared and responsibilities are taken care of. 

Plan an itinerary. 

Using your dream vacation list that was made before, research ways to do similar activities in and around your home or town. Trying new restaurants, visit galleries, and go sightseeing. Acting like a tourist in your hometown can allow you to experience things you never have before. 

Order supplies. 

When turning your backyard hot tubs Raleigh NC into the perfect staycation, you will need supplies. To convert your backyard into a tropical paradise, get some sand, fake palm trees, tiki music, and tropical drinks. To transform your space into a tranquil Swiss Alps spa, gather fluffy towels, soft robes, a tranquil playlist, lotions, and candles for maximum relaxation. Place these decorative items in and around your hot tubs Raleigh NC and your staycation is almost complete! 


The most important part of a staycation is enjoying it! After putting all of that work into transforming your hot tubs Raleigh NC area into your relaxing getaway, you deserve to put it to use. Kick your feet up, close your eyes, and enjoy. 

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Make the most out of your staycation hot tub and spa area at your home with the help from Rising Sun Pools and Spa. Always stay comfortable and relaxed while you enjoy your spa, and contact Rising Sun Pools & Spa for all of your inground pools, above ground pool service, and hot tubs Raleigh needs today!