How to Make the Best of Your Outdoor Living Area When it is Colder

We all know that as the summer season goes away, so does the heat. This makes it much harder for us to enjoy the outdoors, but the outdoor areas we have created don’t just go away! There are ways to make your outdoor living spaces more comfortable and warmer for the winter, in such a way that you can still get great use.

Purchase Some Sort of Heating Device

Whether this is a fireplace, a chimenea, heaters or even a hot tub: You can guarantee your outside living are to be more appealing if there is a way to warm it up! Outdoor fireplaces and hot tubs look great on patios and can be a great centerpiece for all your outdoor furniture! Hot tubs are a fun way to get a hint of summer back. They are also a great way to get spa-like treatment in your own home! Rising Sun Pools & Spas has a multitude of hot tub options that can help warm up your outdoor space!


Your outdoor areas may have been fine to have no extra accessories when it was hot and stuffy out, but now it’s time to cozy up! Get some warm cushions for your patio chairs, find some blankets that match and let guests feel warm and welcome in your outdoor living area! Rising Sun Pools & Spas has outdoor furniture and cushion collections at our showrooms! Cushions can allow you to feel stylish and warm throughout the coolest of days and nights. Another side tip that is super easy to do is—add more light! Winter and coldness are associated with darkness, but by lightening up an outdoor area with either string lights or candles, you can create a warm oasis in the midst of the cold!

Build a Kitchen

If your outdoor areas don’t already have a function point of a kitchen you should make one! The saying, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” isn’t for nothing! Kitchens can generate more heat, and they can be the focus of your outdoor living area! Maybe not when it is snowing and freezing out, but those warmer fall and winter nights can easily become an outdoor cooking night. Rising Sun Pools specializes in creating outdoor kitchens, we even sell the grills that you can install! Design your own or let us help figure out how we can give you the best outdoor living area.