Hot Tub Safety Tips

Cooler days are just around the corner, which means time spent splashing around in the pool will soon be replaced with relaxing soaks in the hot tub. Just as we emphasize the importance of pool safety, it’s vital to remember that hot tub safety is also important. Just because there is a smaller amount of water in a hot tub does not mean that there is less of a threat of danger.

Remember these hot tub safety tips to help keep your family safe this fall and winter.

1. Be mindful of water temperature

Keep the water no hotter than 104 degrees Fahrenheit and only soak for 15-20 minute sessions at a time. Dizziness and nausea are indicators that you may have been soaking too long. If you experience either of those symptoms, get out of the hot tub immediately.

2. Save alcohol for later

Drinking alcohol before or during hot tub use increases the risk of passing out or injury, as hot water amplifies the effects of alcohol. Instead, drink cold water while soaking to stay hydrated and keep your body temperature regulated.

3. Keep electricity away

Use battery-operated appliances instead of cord-connected appliances, such as a radio, in and around the tub to prevent the risk of electrocution. Also keep any electrical appliances away from the edge of the tub.

4. Remember there is strength in numbers

It is much safer to use a hot tub in pairs or in a group. Should someone using a hot tub show signs of distress, help to remove them from the water immediately. Keep in mind that children should never be in or around a hot tub unsupervised.

5. Keep the water clean and balanced

It’s important to maintain the total alkalinity and pH balance¬†and to regularly shock the water to help keep it clean and safe for use. You should also shower before getting into the water to help keep it free of contaminants.

6. Stay away during storms

Never use a hot tub during a thunderstorm! If lightning hits the water, it can cause electrocution.

7. Keep it covered

When the hot tub is not in use, keep it covered with a locking cover to help protect children, save energy and keep debris out of the tub. Remind children not to climb on top of the cover as it cannot support their weight.