Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter?

The warm days of summer are long gone and the triangle has already had its first frost of the season. For those of you who plan to enjoy your hot tub this winter, this is the time of year to prepare for the colder days ahead! Rising Sun Pools is proud to offer three tips to help you focus your efforts:

  1. Keep Your Spa Covered: When not in use, your hot tub’s number one defense against the elements is the cover. If your cover is heavy or waterlogged, cracking, warped, or you don’t have a cover at all, you should seriously consider investing in a new one for the winter months. Rising Sun Pools has a number of covers that will fit many popular makes and models of hot tubs. Once you have your cover, make sure you keep the cover firmly closed. This will keep the heat in, saving you money in the long run.
  2. Clean Your Tub: Draining and cleaning your tub becomes significantly harder if temperatures drop below freezing. Use these crisp fall days to drain the tub and give it a full cleaning session, which includes the vents and filters on the tub.
  3. Use Your Spa’s Freeze Protection Settings: Many spa models have a special mode that will ensure that water in the tub doesn’t have a chance to freeze. Consult your spa’s owner’s guide for more information about this setting, or contact Rising Sun Pools and one of our representatives can help you better understand your spa’s operation.

Few things are more relaxing than climbing into your hot tub on a cold winter’s night, or enjoying a cup of something warm in your tub while snow falls around you. Take the time to prepare now, and your hot tub is sure to be ready for that perfect moment.