Is Your Hot Tub Ready For Cooler Weather?

If you own a spa, you already know that as the summer winds down, hot tub usage goes up.

The weather gets cooler, days get shorter and in general, everyone spends more time at home. It’s prime season for hot tubs, so make sure yours is ready for action by following these simple tips:

1) Check your cover

Is your cover in good shape or is it time for a replacement? Your spa cover prevents leaves and dirt from getting into the water, and it keeps the heat inside to conserve energy.

2) Inspect your filtration system

The start of a new season is a good time to check your filters, pumps and chemical systems. Proper chemical maintenance and filtration is key to a healthy and safe hot tub.

3) Restock your supplies

There’s nothing worse than going for a dip and realizing you’re out of test strips, shock, or water maintenance chemicals. Stop by one of our stores to get everything you need!

Stock up now and relax knowing you’ll have enough hot tub supplies to last through the winter.

4) Drain and clean your spa

Draining and cleaning your tub becomes significantly harder if temperatures drop below freezing. Use these crisp fall days to drain the tub and give it a full cleaning session, which includes the vents and filters on the tub.

5) Review your spa’s freeze protection settings

Many spa models have a special mode that will ensure that water in the tub doesn’t have a chance to freeze. Consult your spa’s owner’s guide for more information about this setting, or contact Rising Sun Pools and one of our representatives can help you better understand your spa’s operation.