Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your hot tub over the next few months. It’s important to remember that hot tubs require regular maintenance in order to keep them running properly. Follow these tips to keep your spa in tip-top shape!

1. Remember the cover

It can be easy to forget that your hot tub cover needs to be cleaned too. Use a spa cover protectant for the top of your cover to keep it clean and help prevent damage from water chemicals. To clean the underside of the cover, use a garden hose and a sponge to remove dirt as needed.

2. Drain and refill

You should plan to completely drain and refill your hot tub every few months to help rid it of normal residues and buildups. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to ensure that you drain and refill it properly.

3. Clean the filter

Plan to clean your spa’s filter at least once a month by removing it and using a hose to spray it down, rotating it while spraying to remove any debris that is lodged inside it.

4. Sanitize regularly

Use a test strip to check sanitizer levels periodically, to ensure that they fall within the acceptable range, adding sanitizer as needed to keep the water balanced. Also oxidize the water regularly to help remove contaminants like oils and other substances that appear with regular use.

5. Let us take care of it!

At Rising Sun Pools, we can take care of all your hot tub maintenance needs. We have purification and filtration systems as well as products for maintaining chemical maintenance. Additionally, we offer maintenance packages for regular cleanings, chemical refills, filter changes and full-service monthly packages.