Hot Tub Maintenance Myths: Busted

Many people who have considered buying and installing a hot tub have heard a lot of misinformation regarding its cost and maintenance. While some believe that self-maintaining a hot tub is daunting and difficult, it is not as intimidating as it seems. Once you have gathered all the right information, you will realize that a hot tub is easier to maintain as much as it is fun to use. 

Myths Busted

There are a lot of myths surrounding hot tubs Raleigh NC, and some of the most popular myths include the following:

The Chemical Requirement for a Hot Tub is Less When Compared to a Swimming Pool

While it is true that hot tubs are far easier to clean than large Raleigh inground pools, when it comes to the use of chemicals, your hot tub sees a lot more than a swimming pool. A hot tub is far easier to maintain than a swimming pool, but its chemical demand exceeds those for a swimming pool. 

The Filters are Easier to Maintain

When you compare hot tub filters with pool filters, the concentration of body oil and detergent to water is far higher in a hot tub which needs chemical cleaning. The filter is clogged quickly with the oil and chrome lines from around the water surface. While a pool filter requires attention once a year, a hot tub filter needs to be cleaned once every six weeks.

Hot Tub Maintenance is Equivalent to a Huge Financial Investment

A hot tub indeed requires more maintenance than a pool, but the cost of maintenance can be less when compared to a swimming pool. You may require due diligence, but when you compare the financial cost that accompanies a swimming pool, hot tub maintenance can be cheaper and easier.

Hot Tub Plumbing is a Nuisance

One of the best aspects of installing a hot tub instead of swimming pool installation Raleigh NC is the plumbing. The myth here is that a hot tub needs plumbing. If you are installing a portable hot tub, all you need is time and a garden hose to fill up the tub.

You Must Empty the Tub After Every Use

A hot tub is very similar to a swimming pool as it does not require to be emptied when not in use. It is a myth that you must empty the hot tub after each use if you want to maintain it for use in the long run. Instead, all you need to do is make use of proper chemicals. The filtration system of the hot tub, along with the chemicals, ensures that that water is clean for use every time. You may need to drain the water once in three months once it becomes oversaturated.

Chlorine Tablets Made for Swimming Pools are a Money Saver!

If you think you can save money by using a chlorine tablet in your hot tub, think again. As much as many people believe it to be the best and easy option, chlorine tablets can cause a lot of problems when used in a hot tub. 

Hot tub maintenance is not as difficult or as costly as many believe it to be. It is a simple and affordable recreational equipment that offers good health and increases the quality of life.