Hosting on a Budget

Showing off your cool new pool is something every pool owner wants to do, especially during the summer. You’ll have people asking to come over to use your pool all the time! A grand opening for your pool is an easy way to get people over and enjoying your new pool, but if your wallet is still recovering, we’ve made hosting on a budget easy! Rising Sun Pools, pool supplies Raleigh NC, has everything you need to make sure your pool is ready to host, but here are some other ways to make sure the rest of your backyard is too.

Limit your guests

With family, friends, and coworkers wanting to get a taste of the pool life, your guest list can fill up pretty quickly. However, if you’re looking to save some money, try and limit the amount of people who come. You can always throw another party! Stick with close friends and family to start, then if you have more room, pick a few other people to come. Remember, inviting one person might mean inviting the rest of their family, so make sure you’re clear with who is invited, or ask if they can bring a dish, snack, or drinks with them!

Go to the dollar store and discount stores for decorations, floats, and games

Dollar stores, Ollie’s, and other discount stores are very underrated when it comes to decor, games, pool floats, and other accessories for your pool. They have cheap pool games, decorations, inflatable toys and floats, even regular party supplies. Even more budget-friendly, try and find things you can use again. Party decorations can get expensive, but if you save flags, table clothes or covers, and centerpieces, you can use them again for your next big pool party! Check out your favorite discount stores and pool supplies Raleigh NC stores, such as Rising Sun Pools, to save money on ways to take your party to the next level, but on a budget.

Serve off-brand and simple food

Keeping your food simple will help you save a lot of money. Getting off-brands and serving them in bowls or dishes that you already have can make it look elegant (and not off-brand at all!). You can also invite guests to bring a dish, snack, or drinks of their own to share. Just make sure that if you have a potluck, you request people to bring things so you don’t have ten bags of chips, and only one dessert. Having your party between meal times can also encourage guests to eat before they come, so serving finger foods and snacks is also a way to save money.


While you could always buy your own decorations, food, and games, you could always make them yourself with things you have around the house. Making things can save you money and even provide you an opportunity to bond with your kids or spouse. You can make streamers out of ribbon, a cooler out of a kiddie pool, and paint your own pool party sign. You can also make your own food and snacks. Even if you have to buy your own ingredients, making it yourself can mean you have more food and you can save most of the leftovers for later. You can also look up games to play and make your own waterproof cards with a laminator.

No matter how you like to party, pool supplies Raleigh NC can help you prepare your home and your pool for anything. Visit Rising Sun Pools in Raleigh today!