Honorable Mentions From Our Primo Ceramic Grill Contest!

Thanks to everyone for their entries for the Primo Ceramic Grill! Here are some other entries that we thought were worth sharing!

Jeffrey Palmer

“Man we would throw a sweet party … Break that grill in with some sweet filets and skewered sautéed veggies … Put on some hungry reggae and light up our porch string lights. Make sure everyone brings their swim suits and is ready for a cannonball contest! But no splashing our new grill!!! Lol”


Jane Obrien

“We love living outside and have often thought of adding a Primo Ceramic Grill to our outdoor space. While our gas grill does the hot dogs and hamburgers we also like to experiment with racks of lamb, pork shoulders with crackling and prime rib roasts. The Primo Ceramic grill will extend our outdoor season and provide us with the ability to enjoy the food we want to eat and our outdoor oasis at the same time.”


Brandon Meyers

“I would throw an awesome backyard pool party – this grill would be an excellent complement to the in-progress pool project being done by Rising Sun Pools!
A Primo Ceramic Grill would be the perfect addition to this backyard pool party. You like it simple with some burgers or hot dogs? No problem, drop those babies on the grill! You want it upscale? Fire up a kickin’ beef tenderloin on some indirect heat and give your backyard party gang a smoky treat!
There is plenty of room on the grill for other fixin’s too! Veggie kebabs? Bring it. Want some baked potatoes or corn on the cob – let’s do it!
The perfect party – a beautiful Rising Sun Pool and great eats on a Primo Ceramic Grill!”


Eddie Wasdell

“It would certainly depend on the occasion, but the uses for this sweet, sweet grill are endless…
1. Just me and the wifey: Fire that sucker up to about 650 degrees and throw on some thick cut steaks (whichever cut was on sale at the old Harris Teeter) for one minute per side, let them rest for a few and then enjoy. We like rare and the ability for this grill to get so hot will be great!
2. Family dinner: It’s time for some grilled pizza! Let the kids destroy the kitchen island as they put the sauce and toppings on their pizza while I load up my half of the adult pizza with so many amazing toppings it dwarfs my wife’s olive oil, mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, and basil weak sauce!
3. Pool party: It’s on!!! Now I get to accomplish a couple of things. I would slow smoke two picnic shoulders (from Nahunta Pork Outlet at the Farmer’s Market of course) for c. 10 hours at 250 degrees. The top notch American engineering would allow me to put the shoulders on and then take care of an unbelievable amount of yard work. I would mow the lawn, weed eat, bush hog the field, clean out the chicken coop, and work on the pool (oh wait, RSP hooked me up with a Polaris vacuum with a booster pump so my pool maintenance is minimal!). Let’s be real even though I know it would hold at 250 I would still sit there staring at my new grill with adoration while sipping cold beers waiting for everyone to show up to enjoy our awesome RSP pool and then succulent pulled pork (vinegar based sauce). I may even have to boast about how my Primo has the required cooking area to handle 2 big shoulders, unlike a certain “little puke colored oval” that some of my friends swear by.”


Amanda Parker

“If I had a Primo grill
I’d probably never get my fill
Of steaks cooked to the perfect degree
And burgers plump and so juicy

I’d finally have a better way
To prepare a turkey on Thanksgiving Day
On Labor Day and July the 4th
Get ready folks, hickory smoked pork!

On weekends, we can treat our friends
To something other than boring chicken
Family celebrations will become a smash
Our house everyone will want to crash

Green Egg, no thanks
To Weber, good bye,
Primo can roast, smoke and grill
And maybe even fry??? ☺

Is there nothing the Primo can do?
It seems its perfect through and through
It is far beyond the rest

So I sure hope I win this contest!”


Bradley Desfosses

“Throughout the warm weather months, our pool/patio gets a lot of traffic. Every weekend and even some weekday evenings, family members or neighbors will stop by and an impromptu BBQ will happen. My wife insisted on a propane grill for its simplicity, but I have always resented the choice due to the fact that I prefer cooking over lump wood charcoal. Over the years, I managed to persuade my wife that charcoal was not as difficult as others think and it adds flavor to anything you cook over it and she has taken a liking to cooking over charcoal using my mini Weber tailgate grill. It is quite odd squatting on the pool deck over this tiny grill, but it makes me chuckle to watch my wife do so. I have admired these ceramic grills for a long time, but just can’t squeeze it into the budget at this time. If I won this grill, it would beautifully adorn our pool deck and it would be the focal point of all parties and get much use year round.”


Jolane Biever

“We would be grilling steaks, hamburgers, veggies – you name it, we grill it. My husband is a grilling machine! He would finally have a grill that would live up to his expectations! His great grill skills would be fully utilized on the Primo Grill. After he’s finished working his grill magic, we would enjoy the fruits of his labors on the deck of our Rising Sun Pool, along with our friends, children, their spouses, and our three grandchildren! When we put in our Rising Sun Pool three years ago it was the perfect addition to our screen porch/patio area. We built a new deck for it – now all we need is a Primo Grill to make that area complete for our family.”

Jolane-Biever1 Jolane-Biever2 Jolane-Biever3

Howard Lem

“I would host a Hawaiian-themed barbecue inviting my friends and family to enjoy deliciously prepared food on my new grill. Among the dishes I would prepare would be honey glazed pork ribs, sliced cal adds with whole grilled pineapples, sweet whole corn on the cob, grilled chicken legs with tangy teriyaki sauce and grilled vegetables. My barbeque pit is located right next to the swimming pool and hot tub purchased and installed by Rising Sun!”

Howard-Lem1 Howard-Lem2