Your Guide to In-Ground Vinyl Pools

Most people know the difference between an aboveground pool and an in-ground pool, but did you know that there are different types of in-ground pools? At Rising Sun Pools, we sell vinyl, fiberglass and concrete pools, which all have their own unique benefits and specifications. Today we’re going to fill you in on all things vinyl. Use this blog post as a guide if you’re trying to decide which in-ground pool is the right choice for you!


Vinyl pools are the most affordable in-ground pool option available, and, in most cases, they can be fully constructed in less than 50 days. They are also extremely durable, as the liners are very thick and made to last for several years.

Size and Shape

Vinyl pools are a great option when you have a specific size and shape in mind for your dream pool. Because there are no shape and depth limitations with a vinyl pool, if you can dream it, we can build it! Whether you want something custom, or you’re going for a classic look for your pool, vinyl is a great way to go. Check out our vinyl pool shape gallery for some inspiration!


Vinyl pools can be more sensitive than other types of in-ground pools when it comes to sanitizers and chemicals used during the cleaning process. We’re here as a resource to help you make the right chemical choices to keep your pool in top shape. We even offer a variety of maintenance packages so you can spend less time on pool upkeep and more time enjoying your backyard oasis!

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