Get to Know Your Pool’s Systems

Are you a new pool owner or thinking of becoming one? It is beneficial to know the functions of the products you will be using in your pool to better understand how to take good care of it. 

The Pump

Your pool pump is the center of the circulation system, moving water from the pool and sending it through the filter to remove dust, dirt, and debris before sending it back to the pool. Piping size, pool size, swimmer load, and the pump size all determine how long you should run your pump, so consult your pool professional for the proper time measurement. They will be able to tell you the proper amount of time to run your pump in order to keep your specific pool clean. Generally, the pump is run for about one hour for every 10 degrees of temperature. 

The Filtration System

Your pool’s filtration system removes any undissolved dirt and debris that have been left behind in the pool water. The skimmer basket and the hair and lint basket in the pump help to filter the pool water, but the primary element of the system is the filter. If you backwash sand or DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters too often, water is wasted and the filter will not reach its full cleaning potential. Most filters require backwashing when the pressure gauge rises 8-10 psi from clean.

Filter Types

There are three types of filters that help to remove dirt and debris in your pool water:

  1. Sand filters: Dirt is removed from sand filters by backwashing, or reversing the flow of the water. If the pressure gauge indicates a 7-10 lbs. increase over normal operating pressure, the filter should be backwashed. Sand filters work best when they are slightly dirty and should only be backwashed when required by the increase in pressure. Clean your sand filter at least every season with a filter cleaner.
  2. Cartridge filters: When the pressure gauge indicates an increase of 7-10 lbs. over normal operation pressure, dirt needs to be removed from the cartridge filter. You will need to remove the cartridge from the filter and rinse off all dirt and debris, then soak the element in filter cleaner for no less than 12 hours. This removes any oils and greases that may be embedded into the filter element. After soaking, remove the cartridge and rinse with fresh water, allowing it to dry prior to reinstalling for peak efficiency. 
  3. Diatomaceous Earth filters: These filters are also cleaned by backwashing when pressure increases 7-10 lbs. Once the filter has been backwashed, new DE must be added to coat the grids in the filter by pouring DE through the skimmer. These filter grids should be cleaned at least once every season with filter cleaner. 

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