Get Rid of Pollen in Your Pool

Pollen seems to arrive overnight. One day you are outside enjoying the weather, and the next day everything has turned yellow. Pollen is an inevitable part of the spring season, and pool owners must do what it takes each year to protect their pools. On the plus side, getting rid of pollen doesn’t take long and it is relatively easy to do. Keep an eye on the pollen counts in your area to be aware of when it will be heaviest. Prepare to do some extra work when the pollen counts are projected to be higher. 

Pollen vs. Algae

Before you begin cleaning your pool of pollen, you must first make sure that it is truly pollen. Some varieties of algae look very similar to pollen, such as mustard algae, which has a light yellowish/green appearance. In order to know the difference between the two, pay attention to where it collects. Pollen will float on the top of the pool, while algae will stick to the sides and bottom of the pool. Algae will not be easily filtered by the filtration system. If the substance floats on the surface and is being picked up by the filtration system, it is pollen.

Run the Filtration System

Most pool owners will not run their pool filter 24 hours a day, but if you have a pollen problem, the filtration system is your pool’s best defense. Although the filtration system itself may not solve the problem completely, it is a great first step to clear pool water. It may increase your energy bills, but it will decrease the amount of manual labor you will have to do.

Skim Water Regularly

Each morning, run a skimmer with a very fine mesh head through the water to pick up pollen that has collected overnight. You may want to repeat this in the afternoon as well. It may need to be repeated a few times throughout the day when pollen is especially heavy. A regular skimmer net will not suffice; you will need a special attachment with very fine mesh.

Aluminum Sulfate

Some pollen particles are so small that they will pass through the filtration system as if was never there. For pollen that seems impossible to pick up, add aluminum sulfate to the pool water. It binds with the pollen, causing it to clump together, therefore making it easier for the filtration system to remove it. It will also make it easier for you to pick it up with your skimmer before it reaches the filter.

Shock the Pool

Give the pool a shock each night when you are battling pollen. Doing so will kill anything that has taken residence in your pool due to the pollen. The next morning, filter the water through the filtration system and give it another skim to get rid of any particles that get left behind.


If the pollen is especially heavy, skimming will not always suffice. You may need to vacuum the pool manually. However, keep in mind that this will cause your electric and water bills to rise and it will remove water from your pool that will need to be replaced. This should be your last resort. 

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