Fun Pool Party Games

Thinking of throwing one last pool party before fall weather creeps in? The kids will love these pool games to play with their friends:


This is a variation of Marco Polo, the popular game in which one person is blindfolded and calls “Marco” while the other players answer “Polo” and try to dodge away from being tagged. In the game of “Shark,” one player stands in the center while blindfolded or keeping their eyes shut. The other players are separated into named teams. The person in the center calls a team name, and each player on that team must try to swim across quietly without being tagged. If a player is tagged, they become the shark, and the previous shark joins their team. 

Jump Quiz

This is a game that only requires two or more people to play. Have one person do the quizzing, where they ask questions that they have made up or have written on cards. If enough people are playing, you can have a team take turns asking the questions. Each person takes turns standing at the edge of the pool. They are asked a question and immediately have to jump off the edge while stating their answer in midair. Anyone who states their answer before hitting the water gets a point.

Treasure Hunt

During Treasure Hunt, one person throws a bucket-full of items into the pool and everyone dives to retrieve them. Don’t have a ton of pool toys? You can use pocket change, garden rocks, and even fruits. See who can retrieve the most items. You can also create teams and challenge each team to fill a bucket, and the team’s bucket that is the most full wins. This can also be played with floating items, using a net to catch each item. (Hint: this can help with cleaning the pool!)


Have 3-8 people walk and swim in a circle as fast as they can. This will create an artificial whirlpool in your pool! If it swirls fast enough, people can float along with it.

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