Finding The Best Location For Your Pool

There is nothing better than being able to relax with your family next to the cool blue water of your own swimming pool. You can beat the summer heat while also enjoying some quality time with your crew. Before this day dream can become a reality, you will have to find the best spot to build your pool, taking into account landscaping, terrain, and surrounding areas.

Planning Your Pool

Planning on where to place your pool is the most important part of the pool project. Swimming pools can vary in size and shape, but what is important is that the size of your year meets the requirements for your pool design. Another thing to consider when planning where to place your pool are the budgetary and legal restrictions in place. These are details that need to be taken into account before even beginning the building process. Constructing a pool and any other additions to the home which you own needs to be thought out carefully and be a solid investment that you can enjoy for years to come.

Choosing the Pool or Spa Site

A pool or a spa is a dramatic feature in any backyard, so choosing the best location is an important part of the whole process. You can get advice from various professionals about where to place your pool, however, it is best to do a little homework before you decide to ask a professional for some help. Understanding your own property and familiarizing yourself with building codes and other regulations where you live are good ways to brush up.

Deed Restrictions and Zoning Laws

Deed restrictions: somewhere in the deed to your property you may find restrictions that could affect the design and location of your pool, spa, and other structures you’re planning on constructing. These restrictions may bind you to rules set by a homeowners’ association, which can be changed based on votes by the association. Another form in which to alter your deed restrictions is through mutual agreement among all parties bound by the restrictions or through court action.


Weather is another important factor to consider when building your pool. If you’ve lived in your present area for a number of years, then you should have a good feel about how the climate is throughout the various seasons. Weather records can determine the average length of the swimming season in your area, but it’s the day-to-day weather that determines your poolside comfort.

How Can Rising Sun Pools & Spas Help?

If you are thinking about constructing your pool and would like to learn more about finding the best location and costs, contact one of our pool experts today. Or you can also check out our website where you can Create your Custom Pool Today!

Our Triangle-area pool specialists simply build a better pool. We’ve been recognized as a Top 50 Pool Builder in the US since 2009 and have other industry awards including national recognition from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and Pool & Spa News. We are also an approved contractor for the Duke Progress Energy and Duke Energy and are partnered with the Energy Efficiency Rebate! If you build a pool using energy efficiency systems with Rising Sun Pools and you are a Duke customer, you are eligible for a $300 rebate!

However, we believe that industry awards are nothing in comparison to the satisfaction of our local customers. Since 1972, our mission has been to provide outstanding service – no exceptions!

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