Extend Your Backyard Pool Season Into The Fall

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down – but it’s true.  The sound of laughing and splashing in your backyard pool has been replaced with school buses and football games.

But, just because the calendar says it’s after Labor Day, that doesn’t mean you have to shut down all your poolside fun and retreat indoors.

There are several innovative and cost-effective products that can help you enjoy your outdoor pool for as long as possible – even though summer is officially over.  One of the best ways to extend your outdoor swimming season is with a pool heat pump.

Modern pool heat pumps are:

  • more affordable and energy-efficient than gas heaters
  • quiet and easy to operate
  • low maintenance
  • Longer lasting than gas heaters

With a heat pump, you can start your swim season earlier and end it later – all while consuming less energy than natural gas heaters and lowering your operating costs by up to 80 percent.

Plus, heat pumps maintain swimming pool temperatures better than gas heaters, making them ideal for people who need constant heating and use their pools frequently.

If you have questions about the best options for extending your swimming season, call us, we’re here to help!