Deciding Between an In-Ground and Above Ground Pool

When it comes to choosing which pool is right for you, there are many components to think about. How much you want to spend, what you want to use it for, and where you live. A pool provides you with entertainment, lounging, exercising and a great landscape for your home. No matter which option you choose there are some major work and expenses associated with owning a pool. You have to be able to afford a larger electric and water bill, as well as all the chemicals and opening and closing costs. Once you have decided that you still want to purchase a pool, consider the options of both an in-ground and above ground swimming pool.

In-Ground Pool

An in-ground pool is a permanent addition that adds value to your home. This is a great choice for those who live in warmer climates because they can use it almost year-round. An in-ground pool comes with many size and shape options. The first decision of an in-ground pool is the materials used to create the pool. A pool made of gunite or concrete uses a hose on-site to cover the area with plaster with a colored tint of your choosing. You can also add tiles to give your pool a more decorative look. This process can take several weeks to complete, but the size and shape options are endless. A vinyl pool is a cheaper option. This is a prepackaged pool liner that is placed along the walls and is ready to use in about a week. The size and shape options are limited, but there are plenty of colors and tiles to choose from. Lastly, you can choose a fiberglass pool. This will arrive at your home fully built. It is placed into the ground and is ready for use in about a week. They have some size and shape options, but it is still pretty limited.

Above Ground Pool 

If you are looking for a more cost-effective, temporary option for your home, and above ground pool is for you. They do not add any value to your home but are still great for entertainment. Delivered to your home in an easy to install kit, your pool can be up and running in just a few days. When you install an above ground pool you can also install a deck and railing to the pool to give it safe and easy access. The downfall of choosing an above ground pool is the size and shape options are very limited. The options are 48 or 52 inches deep, and circle or oval-shaped.

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