Congrats to the Winner of a New Primo Grill!

Rising Sun Pools recently began selling Primo Ceramic Grills, and to celebrate, we held a contest to give away one of these amazing grills.

We asked you how you’d throw the ultimate backyard party if you won this grill and your responses were amazing.  But, one stood out above the rest.  And that was the response from Matt Wish, who entered on behalf of his Dad.

Congrats to Matt Wish’s Dad!  He just won the Primo Kamado All-in-One ($899 value).  It’s our most traditional model, has an 18.5″ round Kamado-style grill and it certainly seems like it will be put to great use in Mr. Wish’s backyard.

Ok, Matt, now that you’ve won your Dad a grill, when are you flying in from California?


Winning Entry

Contest photo submitted of his Dad's backyard, submitted by Michael Wish.

Contest photo submitted of his Dad’s backyard, submitted by Matt Wish.

So you’re looking for a creative response huh? Well try this one on for size. My name is Matt Wish and I live in Southern California. No, I’m not entering. Actually, seeing as I live over 2,000 miles from your committed service area I’m sure I don’t exactly qualify.

I’m writing for my Dad.

I’m writing for my Dad because he asked me to. I’m writing for my Dad because he has a gift for grilling and entertaining. Most importantly, I’m writing for my Dad because he is humble and won’t brag about himself. Even to win an awesome grill.

I’ll brag for him.

Picture the scene…

It’s a 95-degree August day in Cary. The sun is blazing; the humidity feels like 200% (you actually feel drier under water if you are lucky enough to live by a pool). It is so hot people’s air conditioners can’t even keep up and you are wondering to yourself, “how did people manage living here 100 years ago?”

There is mostly silence on the street as everyone is indoors fighting over who gets to stand over the floor vent.  But outside there is a wafting smell in the air. You can just make it out. It’s more than just the faint reminder that someone is cooking dinner outside. It’s more than just the sizzling sound of a juicy steak landing on a smoking hot grill. It’s an invitation. It’s an olfactory experience that instantly reminds you of family, community, food and Freedom.

It’s the grill, and there is one man standing behind it. A man who lived through 30 Michigan winters. A man who stands alone behind 450 degrees of flaming awesomeness in 95 degree heat and sees it as his reward for snowplowing his driveway at 6:00 am all those years.


Contest photo submitted of his Dad’s backyard, submitted by Matt Wish.

That man is my Dad.

And the invitation that he is generously broadcasting is for the ultimate backyard party.  Here’s how he does it.

One by one, the neighbors start showing up. You know who they are. The old retired couple across the street who like to eat at about 4:30 pm. No worries, Dad threw a few burgers on the Primo Ceramic for the early bird crowd. Next a few college kids stop by, eager to get out on the town for a night of (responsible) partying. They attack the dogs and brats for fuel while Dad’s wireless BOSE outdoor speaker system streams the Margaritaville SPOTIFY station. (Great early party tunes, easy listening, non-controversial and very welcoming).

It’s about 6:00 and it’s go time.

As the U.S. Flag blows gently in the summer breeze, massive ice-filled buckets sweat while lining the backyard. They are filled with everything from Cheerwine, to Red Oak. Dad sips an Arnold Palmer though, because the grill-master must keep his wits about him at all times. Ok, the grill-master cracks open a can of Yuengling because it’s just not right to grill without an ice-cold beer. It’s an unwritten rule. That and if the flames get out of hand, the beer makes an effective (and flavorful) fire extinguisher.

The neighbor kids are playing Ladder Ball, Bocce and Frisbee.

They have no idea that Dad had managed to fill 200 water balloons earlier in the day. The kids will freak when they have access to the delightfully cooling rush of a water balloon fight.

But first it’s dinner.

By now the backyard is rocking. Jimmy Buffet has been drowned out by the gleeful sounds of children playing, the ladies chatting and the dudes finding Dad’s cornhole boards. A tournament breaks out.

They always do.

Then suddenly, all of the strangers, neighbors, children, men, women, old people, college students, church group friends (and even family) all stop and come together as one. They approach the center of the backyard, empty plates in hand.

You see, only one thing can bring the ultimate party utterly to its knees.

It’s the grill.

It’s the legendary centerpiece to any ultimate party. It’s a Primo Ceramic Grill from Rising Sun Pools …and it’s firing on all cylinders.

Dad takes a minute to thank everyone for coming, says a prayer thanking God for freedom, neighbors and the feast and as fast as you can say AMEN the party is rocking again.

One by one, Dad begins serving up meats and veggies grilled to such perfection that there should be a Food Network show on him.

Burgers, Brats, Steaks, Mushrooms, Corn on the Cob and Marinated Chicken Breast make their way onto plates all across the backyard. By now the entire neighborhood is here.

As the last plate is filled the grill master cracks open a victory beer, holds it to his sweaty forehead and looks out at the back yard.

People are genuinely happy.

He switches the SPOTIFY station to Jason Aldean for the rest of the evening and jumps into the cornhole tourney. In a couple hours (after the water balloon fight), Dad will fire up the grill once more to make s’mores for the kids (and everyone else, because who doesn’t like s’mores?)

To close out the night Dad will hand out sparklers to every guest. (He has hundreds left over from his daughter’s wedding). The backyard will be brightly lit with flickering hand-held joy that only a sparkler can offer.

Dad threw the ultimate party. Not because of any extravagance. No excessive spending, no “Bud Light” up for anything party. No chaos.

Far from it.

He threw the ultimate party because he brought people together. He filled hungry tummies. He kicked some butt in cornhole. He singlehandedly forged a community from the fires of a molten hot North Carolina day.

Ultimately he celebrated the hard earned Freedom we enjoy in America with friends, family and complete strangers.

…and he did it all from his humble yet vital position.

Standing behind a grill.