When Should I Think About Closing My Pool?

If you’re like many homeowners with a pool, the last thing you want to think about during these hot summer days is closing down your pool. We all want to make fun times in the backyard last for as long as possible, but there are 3 important reasons that you should take the time now to think about what the fall and winter have in store for your pool!

1) Get more savings before the offseason

Suppliers know most pool owners start thinking about closing their pool for the season in September, that’s why many suppliers schedule price increases for their offseason products for early September. Savvy pool owners will shop for new safety covers, replacement liners and other winterizing products as early in the pool season as possible, to take advantage of the most competitive prices.

2) You might still have time to swim

One of the most popular offseason pool repairs are replacement liners for inground pools. However, completing this project in the winter often leads to longer scheduling times and higher prices as demand for repairs builds in the fall and winter. In North Carolina, warm temperatures often extend into the fall, which means that if you take the opportunity to make repairs to your pool now, you may still have time to reopen your pool for a few weeks before the cold settles in for good!

3) Guarantee Your Family’s Safety

There’s nothing more dangerous than an open, uncovered pool in the offseason. Inground safety covers are custom built to fit your pool, which means that when you order, it could be over a week before you get your new cover. By ordering all the necessary winter safety pieces you need before the season ends, you can ensure that your backyard pool doesn’t become an offseason danger to your family.

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