How to Clean Your Pool After the Rain

Did you know that the chemistry of your pool can instantly be thrown off with a little too much rainwater? Before you get ready to enjoy your pool this summer, we wanted to provide you with some quick tips on how to clean your pool after a heavy rainstorm.

1. Check for debris and clean it out.

During a summer thunderstorm, you can usually expect heavy rainfall and winds. Before you test the chemical balance of your pool water, you will need to examine the visible damage first. If there appears to be leaves, dirt or other debris in your pool then you need to remove those items with a net or vacuum.

Most debris can be cleaned up using our high-quality pool cleaning equipment available in our stores.

2. Test the water’s pH and alkalinity levels.

Once the pool water is clean of any debris, you can now test the water’s chemistry. To test the water, you can either use test strips or you can use Rising Sun Pools’ Drop & Go program. Either system will tell you what needs to be fixed in order to balance out your pool water’s chemicals.

The science behind the balance of the pool water after a rainstorm really depends on the amount of acidity in the water. Yes, rain can produce acid. The acidity in rain can cause your pool’s pH levels to drop. By having alkalinity in your pool water, you are keeping the pH balanced. So, after a heavy rainstorm, don’t be surprised if you see a more drastic change in the alkaline level that you’ll need to adjust. Thanks, science!

3. Test the water’s sanitation.

While you’re looking at the pH and alkalinity, you should also check your pool’s chlorine and sanitizer levels. Again, contamination of the water will throw these off based on what fell into the water and which chemical was used to fight it off. Test strips or our Drop & Go program will give you all the results you need.

4. Check the amount of water in your pool.

Finally, you will need to check your pool’s water level. Naturally, any amount of rain will add more water to your pool than what’s needed. You should drain your pool back to its normal level by setting your pool’s filter onto a “waste” setting.

Don’t want to stress over keeping your pool water sparkling clean and balanced? Rising Sun Pools offers routine cleaning services available on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time visits. To learn more about our complete pool maintenance services, visit our service page.

We’re also happy to answer any questions you have during your pool cleaning process. Feel free to contact one of our trained pool experts directly at 919-851-9700 or drop us a note online.