Keep Your Pool Water Sparkling: Change the Sand in Your Filter

Here at Rising Sun Pools, we pride ourselves on being North Carolina’s largest local pool builder. With a title such as that one, it’s not hard to call ourselves experts in spa and pool maintenance.

As you’re preparing your pool for the summer, take a minute to think about the last time the sand in your pool’s filter was changed. We recommend that the sand should be changed every 4-5 seasons. Here’s why:

The coarse sand used in your filter helps to trap dirt and debris. Over time, the sharp edges of the sand will wear down and become smooth. When this happens, contaminants are no longer being trapped in the filter, allowing dirt into your pool water.

The process of separating water in order to clean it goes back to the Egyptians when they would utilize permeable clay vessels to filter drinking water, wine and other liquids. Today, pools use sand filters, one of the most useful water treatment processes, as a filtration method that includes many purification functions.

One of those purification functions can be amplified by the type of sand you choose to use in your filter.

ZeoSand is a new alternative to the typical sand you would use for your filter. This sand is made of a high purity natural mineral called zeolite. The zeolite particles give a cubic foot of ZeoSand a surface area 100 times greater than regular sand, allowing smaller particles to be trapped. This will improve your water clarity and increase the amount of time between backwashing.

For those of you who don’t know what backwashing is, here’s a quick definition: backwashing is the act of reversing the flow of water through your pool’s filter system in order to thoroughly flush out contaminants. This prevents you from having to manually clean the filter.

ZeoSand filters out particles as small as 2-5 microns, lasts longer than regular sand and is all natural and environmentally friendly. Interested in upgrading your sand to ZeoSand? Give Rising Sun Pools a call!

We are proud to offer many pool maintenance services, including managing your sand filter. When it’s time for your sand to be changed, let Rising Sun Pools help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!