Celebrate the New Year in your Rising Sun Pools and Spa Hot Tub

Everyone has heard of the term “ringing in the new year” but what about “soaking in the new year”? New Year’s Eve is just a few days away and if you are having a hard time choosing how to celebrate amidst the pandemic, we have just the idea for you! There is no better way to soak up all that 2020 brought, and what 2021 has to offer than by celebrating New Year’s Eve in your Rising Sun Pools and Spa hot tub. Below are just a few ways you can make spending New Year’s Eve in one of our hot tubs Raleigh the best celebration yet. 

  • Turn your backyard and spa into an oasis by adding lights, candles, mats, pillows, and other accessories to elevate your tubbing experience. 
  • Gather your favorite snacks and beverages to keep you pleasantly plump all night long. Rising Sun Pools offers detachable shelves perfect for celebrations like this! This added storage is great for holding cups and plates during your soak, and can even double as a place to put your noisemakers and party hats.
  • Create a New Year’s Eve party playlist. This doesn’t have to be club music, but having a speaker that will play through a list of songs that you want to hear will keep you from having to constantly interrupt your night. 
  • Increase your hot tubs Raleigh temperature the colder it is outside. Keeping a spa at the preferred temperature rather than letting it drop and having to raise it back up is your best bet for correct heat. This is more energy-efficient and reliable for when you’re ready to hop in!
  • Buy decorations, accessories, and even a new suit. A New Year’s celebration isn’t the same without sparkles and lots of noise. 
  • Keep your towels warm by throwing them in the dryer on high and then placing them in a cooler. No matter the temperature outside, wrapping yourself in a warm, soft towel is a great way to end a night of soaking. 
  • Utilize the new year as a time for updating, cleaning, and fixing your hot tubs Raleigh. Once you have spent a night of eating, drinking, and celebrating in your spa, cleaning it up and having necessary maintenance performed on it is a great way to ensure many more years of enjoyable and clean soaking to come. Contact Rising Sun Pools for any of your hot tub or pool maintenance Raleigh needs today!

Happy New Year from all of us at Rising Sun Pools and Spas Raleigh, NC! We wish you a safe, happy 2021 and that however you decide to celebrate, it goes swimmingly. For any and all of your pool or hot tub needs in the upcoming year, contact Rising Sun Pools today. 

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