Celebrate Tastes of the Triangle at Your Next Backyard BBQ

A tall glass of lemonade. A porch swing. A big splash from a cannonball into the pool. And the smell of a backyard BBQ.   What’s better than these quintessential summer scenes?

How about putting a “shop local” spin on these classics? Did you know that the Triangle has a growing list of locally-owned stores and locally-made products that can make your next backyard gathering a celebration of this great region we all call home?

First, start with the fundamentals.

There’s just no substitute for the flavor you get from a wood-fired grill. Rising Sun Pools now proudly carries Primo Grills — the only wood-fired ceramic grills made in the United States. If you’re not familiar with how versatile ceramic grills can be, you can learn more about ceramic grills here.

Once you’ve got your grill in place, then you can start assembling some distinct flavors of the Triangle. Below are some of our favorites, but we’d love to hear about yours!

Pick your meat and veggies.

Whether you’re a steak fan or a vegetarian, it all tastes great on the grill. What better place to shop local than at the NC State Farmers market?

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on a great local experience filled with produce from surrounding counties, local poultry, cheeses, meats, seafood, jellies, jams, and even fresh baked bread!

Pick your sauce.

The debate over tomato-based or vinegar-based sauce can get heated, especially in North Carolina.  Did you know that we have some amazing sauces that are made and bottled right here in the Triangle? Some of our favorites are:

Load up the cooler.

When it comes to filling that big cooler on your deck, several local brewers, distillers and shops have got you covered. Here’s a small sampling of what’s available in the Triangle area to help you stick with a local theme:

Don’t forget dessert!

Whether you stick with the classic and serve watermelon from the Farmers Market, or decide to go a little more exotic, the Triangle offers plenty of local choices to satisfy a sweet tooth.  Check out these local options:

What are your favorite Triangle flavors?

That’s our list.  What’s yours?  We love shopping local and we’re always excited to learn about new Triangle options!