Celebrate National Hot Tub Day on 3/28

On Tuesday, March 28, we welcome National Hot Tub Day with our swimsuits on and our bodies ready for some extra relaxation. It’s the perfect excuse to sit back and enjoy yourself for 15-20 minutes. The Internet insists on it!

While the world has only been celebrating National Hot Tub Day for a few years, the use of hot tubs extends back thousands of years. Our friends—the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Japanese—all used naturally occurring hot springs or fire-heated basins for therapeutic treatments and bathing. This heated water treatment was a luxury and it still is today.

The term “Jacuzzi” often associated with hot tubs, actually stems from the last name of seven brothers. In 1948, these handy brothers transitioned from producing aircraft pumps and propellers to generating bathtub pumps that created a whirlpool effect. Again, all of this was to create relief and relaxation for one of the Jacuzzi brothers’ sons who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. And as they say, “The rest is history!”

Hot tubs not only provide relaxation, but they also do truly benefit your health. From arthritis relief to a metabolism boost, we believe that National Hot Tub Day should be recognized daily! In fact, a study by the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that after a 10-day routine of 30 minutes of soaking in a hot tub, Type 2 Diabetes patients experienced reduced doses of insulin and weight loss.

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