Rising Sun Pools Offers Primo Ceramic Grills

Rising Sun Pools is pleased to announce our newest outdoor living product line: Primo Ceramic Grills.

Primo Grills are some of the most versatile grills on the market. You can use a Primo Grill as a smoker, an oven, a roaster, or a traditional grill with a few simple adjustments. Plus, the unique oval shape of a Primo Grill means that you’ll have the grill space you need, no matter what you cook!

If you are interested in a Primo Grill, check out the available models and accessories.

One of our favorite things about the Primo Ceramic Grill is its ability to grill some of the best pizza we’ve ever tasted! Here’s our quick-reference guide to:

Grilling the Perfect Pizza

Make (or Buy) Your Dough

Dough is the most important part of any pizza recipe. Pizza dough consists of bread flour, sugar, yeast and salt, but can be tricky to make. You can make the dough yourself using this recipe, or you can pick up some pre-made dough at just about any grocery store (Trader Joe’s has dough that is perfect for grilling).


There’s nothing worse than getting your grill to the right temperature, throwing your pizza on the fire, and then realizing that you are missing an ingredient. Grilled pizza can cook very fast, so you’ll need to have all your topping ingredients on hand and ready to toss on at a moment’s notice. Some staples include:

  • Olive Oil (and a brush to apply it)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Cheese (of course)
  • Sauce
  • Toppings (pepperoni, sausage, pineapple, whatever you like, this is your pizza!)

Light Your Grill

Primo Ceramic Grills use charcoal and airflow to provide the perfect temperature for whatever you are cooking. For a pizza, you’re going to want a roaring fire, so make sure your coals are lit and you have plenty of air moving through the dome by fully opening the top vent.

Cook Your Dough

Before you can add toppings, you’ll have to give your dough some strength. Roll it out and throw it on the grill for about one minute. Once the dough is cooked on one side flip it, and get ready to top your pizza!

Top Your Pizza

Top your pizza with a little cheese first (it will start melting and help secure your other toppings) then add sauce and any other toppings of your choice. Once you’re finished, close the lid for about 30 seconds to allow your cheese to get extra melted, and then remove quickly from the grill (to avoid burning). Remember: grilled pizza doesn’t cook for as long as oven-baked pizza, so all of your toppings, especially meats, will need to be thoroughly cooked before they go on your pie.

You will develop your own favorite toppings and methods for grilling pizza. Experiment with a few options, then let us know YOUR favorite recipe on our Facebook Page!