Awesome Additions To Your Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools Raleigh offer plenty of great benefits: They’re budget-friendly compared to the alternative options, quick to install, durable, and incredibly easy to maintain. Above ground pools have come a long way in recent years, and pool owners have gotten extremely creative when it comes to their above ground pool design hacks. What if we told you there are simple, cost-effective ways that you could spruce up your above ground pool to look just as amazing as their in-ground pool counterparts, at half the cost? Rising Sun Pools & Spas is here to share with you seven ways you can make your above ground pools Raleigh look twice as nice without breaking the bank:

  1. Surround it with a deck. A deck will instantly elevate the look of any above ground swimming pool. And the best part about a pool deck is that the options are nearly limitless, from traditional wood decks to alternatives made from eco-friendly and low-maintenance recycled material.
  2. Take things to the next level. A multi-level pool deck can add interest to an otherwise plain outdoor patio space. Adding levels can also create the illusion of having multiple spaces or areas, such as a dining space, can help make a smaller space feel larger.
  3. Add a retaining wall. If you love your inground pool but don’t love the look of the plain pool walls, consider surrounding your pool with a retaining wall. Going for a classic look? Materials like wood paneling, stone, or faux stone can add instant interest and texture. Prefer a more modern vibe? Consider a poured concrete retaining wall for instant minimalist-meets-industrial chic.
  4. Throw shade. Is your pool located in a particularly sunny spot? Add an umbrella or a pergola over your above ground pool for a perfect combination of form and sunburn-preventing function.
  5. Design a lounge space. Add some pizazz to the area surrounding your above ground pool Raleigh by creating an intentional, thoughtfully planned lounge area, complete with comfortable seating. This is also a great opportunity to personalize your outdoor space with decorative extras like outdoor cushions and throw pillows, indoor/outdoor accent rugs, and accent tables.
  6. Liven things up with landscaping. When it comes to designing your ideal pool area, few elements are as important as landscaping. From flowering plants and lush green grass, to shade trees and trendy succulents, the right combination of plants can really tie the whole space together.
  7. Set the mood with lighting. It doesn’t matter if your pool is above ground, inground or somewhere in between: If you want your swimming pool to look awesome, you need to think about lighting. Not only will swimming pool lights help make your pool safer, they can also help you step up your outdoor décor game, too!

Rising Sun Pools & Spas

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