All You Need To Know About Above Ground Pools Raleigh

Are you looking to add some fun to your background? Purchasing from Rising Sun Pools’ aboveground pools Raleigh selection could be your solution! You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your backyard. Rising Sun Pools offers a variety of aboveground pool designs and sizes that will fit any budget. Dream up your backyard oasis as we walk you through our aboveground pool buyers guide. 


All successful pool projects are products of proper planning. There are many things to consider when initially tackling your pool project that will save you stress down the road. One of the first decisions to make concerns the size of your pool, which is dependent on the size of your yard.

The size of your pool ultimately depends on the amount of yard space you want to allot to it. Keep in mind any add-ons you may want like decks, patios, or slides because those will add to the overall amount of space required for your pool installation. 

You need to think about the purpose of your pool. If you plan to host large get-togethers at your pool, then you should probably purchase a larger-sized pool. On the other hand, if your pool is going to be solely used as a low-key hangout spot for family, then you could go with a smaller pool. 

As for the shape of your pool, Rising Sun Pools offers two styles: 

  • Oval. Oval pools allow you to maximize yard space and provide room for fun pool activities like swimming laps and playing family sports. 
  • Round. Round-shaped pools generally offer more pool area for the money spent and are easy to install. 

Your pool size plays into an equally important element: pool placement. Your pool is meant for having fun in the sun, so make sure to have your pool installed in a spot that won’t be too shady. As a general rule, pools should be 8 to 10 feet away from surrounding trees. 


As your leading supplier in aboveground pools Raleigh, Rising Sun Pools is partnered with AquaLeader to provide ultra-durable materials to ensure your pool can withstand wear and tear. Typically, our aboveground pools have vinyl lining paired with a support structure of steel, aluminum, wood, or resin. There are some additional advantages to choosing resin for your pool in that it doesn’t get hot, rust, or corrode like some other materials. 


Beyond planning the components of your pool, you’re also going to need equipment to keep your pool water clean. Water pumps and filters work together to circulate water properly and make sure you’re getting the most out of your pool investment. The pump serves as the heart of your pool, pulling water through a “pool vacuum,” to keep your pool immaculately clean. The filter aids in catching any undesirable debris that makes its way into your pool. 

Rising Sun Pools & Spas | Raleigh NC 

If you are interested in investing in aboveground pools Raleigh, check out Rising Sun Pools & Spas Buyer’s Guide. We hope that you now better understand how to navigate the pool buying process, beginning with planning of course. Whether you’re planning a total backyard makeover or just wanting to add some awesome features to your existing pool, contact Rising Sun Pools today for everything you need!