6 Accessories That Every Hot Tub Owner Needs

Whether you are in the market to purchase hot tubs Raleigh, have just purchased your first hot tub, or have been a hot tub owner for years, you probably already know that there are several must-have hot tub accessories to make your spa as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Your hot tub came with a starter chemical kit, but that’s it. Rising Sun Pools & Spas is here to share 6 hot tub accessories that we think are crucial to make your spa the place to hang with friends and family!

Hot Tub Covers

A spa cover is a must to keep your hot tub clean and warm! Even if your hot tub comes with a cover, the inground pools specialists at Rising Sun Pools & Spas recommend replacing your cover every 5 years to prevent it from becoming waterlogged and sagging into the spa. Lucky for you, Rising Sun Pools offers the Triangle’s best selection of hot tub covers and home spa accessories!

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Hot tub cover lifters not only make it easy to get your cover on and off, but they also keep your cover stationary so that it doesn’t blow across your yard when the wind picks up. Another benefit of cover lifters is that they keep your cover up off the ground, which will keep it clean and will help to avoid your spa guests tripping over it if it is laying on the ground in a walkway.

Spa Steps

Spa steps are crucial when it comes to getting in and out of your hot tub. Taller folks may not have an issue throwing their legs over the side and hopping out, but shorter adults and kids always feel safer when there are steps outside of the hot tub to assist with getting in and out. An added bonus are steps with storage space underneath for other accessories and safe chemical storage!

Spa Rail

Spa rails slide under the spa and offer a safe hand to hold for climbing in and out of the spa. Especially when wet, stairs can get slippery, so it is easy to lose your balance when trying to maneuver out of the hot tub. 

Spa Pillows

Spa pillows are the best accessory for hot tubs Raleigh when it comes to wanting to relax in your hot tub. Available in all shapes, sizes, and colors – just make sure you don’t fall asleep in your hot tub for too long and lose track of time!

Cleaning Tools

A skimmer net and some type of vacuum to clean the floor and seats in your hot tub are necessary to keep your spa as clean as possible for you and your guests. Rising Sun Pools offers a number of varieties of automatic pool cleaners to take away the hassle of manual cleaning

Rising Sun Pools & Spa – Hot Tubs Raleigh

Make the most out of your hot tub and spa area at your home by purchasing these 6 necessary hot tub accessories. Always stay comfortable and relaxed while you enjoy your spa, and contact Rising Sun Pools & Spa for all of your inground pools, above ground pool service, and hot tubs Raleigh needs today!