4 tips for enjoying your hot tub (even in the rain)

3563360057_c096095066_zMarch 28th has been designated as National Hot Tub Day, which gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the comfort of your hot tub.

Unfortunately, its supposed to rain tonight.

But don’t let a few rain drops stop you from enjoying your hot tub! Here are 4 tips to relaxing in the rain:

1. Just go with it!

The first, and most important step in preparing to enjoying any outdoor activity while its raining is fully committing to the experience. Yup, you’re going to get wet, but you were going to get wet once you entered the tub anyway! The sound of rain pattering can be extremely relaxing. Think of the rain as a fun addition to your spa, rather than a hindrance, and you’re sure to have a better time!

2. Drink something warm

The hot tub will be sure to warm your lower body, but rain on your head might make you a little chilly. Put some hot chocolate or coffee in a thermos and enjoy it while you soak to get that warm feeling inside and out.

3. Prepare for later

Go ahead and throw your towels and robe in the dryer and let them get warm before you go out to your tub. Leave them near the door for easy access when you’re finished in your hot tub.

4. Be safe

While we think everyone should enjoy a spa day in the rain every now and then, it is important that you do it safely. Don’t stay in your spa if you hear thunder, and be sure wear shoes with better grip, as the deck around your hot tub will be more slick than usual.

If you really don’t want raindrops falling on your head while you’re in the hot tub, consider taking an umbrella in with you, or investing in a large tailgate tent to keep you covered during inclement weather. Also, as we prepare for a rainy spring, be sure that your hot tub cover is in good working order, and be sure to close it after you are finished relaxing so that rain, leaves and bugs don’t dirty up your tub!


Photo Credit: Paul Jordan