10 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Pool

Your pool is the focal point of your backyard, so you want it to look great at all times. Once it is open and cleaned for the summer, you can look for ways to spruce it up. Rising Sun has seen a lot of pools, so we’ve seen a lot of simple decorations that can really transform a backyard. Here is a list of ten easy ways to decorate your pool without breaking the bank.

Ice Bin Side Table

Keep drinks cool by the pool without having to worry about them falling off the ledge into the pool. This simple addition can keep guests happy while adding a piece of furniture to the decor.

Floating Speaker

A waterproof speaker can be a great addition to any pool. The music can be heard by all when it’s floating in the pool.


Add a hammock to your backyard for ultimate relaxation, and give your backyard an outdoor oasis appeal. There are tons of options, whether you want a freestanding one or have two trees you could hang it between.

Potted Plants

This easy DIY project can add some originality to any backyard. If you have children they can get involved too! Put your flowers of choice, or even start a garden with potted plants! Design the pot with paint, stickers, gems or anything you can find!

Outdoor Rug

Place this anywhere to add a pop of color to your backyard. It can be put near the furniture, or by the door to keep wet feet out of the house.

String Lights

String lights can make your backyard come to life at night. Choose from colored or white lights to match any look you’re going for.

Shade Sail

Give some of your outdoor area shade on the hottest days. A shade sail blocks the UV rays and can be hung up just about anywhere.

Bird Feeder

Make your backyard inviting for everyone. Place a bird feeder from a tree branch or a freestanding one so birds can enjoy the yard too.

Floating Lights

At night you can turn these lights on and your pool will illuminate in any color you choose. Any size and design can look great to match any look you’re going for.

Pool Floats

Floats and toys aren’t just for kids. Choose matching chairs or even a large unicorn float to allow you and your guests to lounge in the pool in style.

No matter what your style and budget is, there are plenty of ways to decorate your pool this summer. Rising Sun also has a wide selection of outdoor kitchens, furniture and Primo grills to compliment your pool.