Splash into Savings!

While it’s true that pool season is winding down, this is a great time to switch to an energy efficient pool pump and set yourself up for cost savings next summer! Through Duke Energy’s Pool Energy Efficiency Program, you can save up to $640* in the first year when you upgrade to a quieter and more efficient pump.

If your pump is more than seven years old, or if it is a single-speed pump, it may be time to start thinking about upgrading to an ENERGY STAR® certified variable-speed pool pump.

Did you know that during summer, only your central air conditioner uses more electricity than a single-speed pool pump? Upgrading to a more energy efficient pump will help you lower your monthly energy bills and use less energy overall.

Do you qualify for the rebate?

In order to qualify for the Pool Energy Efficiency Program:

-You must be an electric service customer residing in a single-family residence with a new or existing in-ground swimming pool.

-Your new variable-speed pool pump must be installed by a participating contractor (that’s us!) and be operable before the rebate application can be submitted. Your contractor will fill out and submit the rebate application within 90 days of the installation and you will receive the rebate with four to six weeks of application receipt.

How much will you save?

Certified variable-speed pool pumps can save the average household up to $340 per year on electric bills compared to a standard single-speed pump. This, combined with the $300 rebate means that you can save up to $640!

If you’re interested in purchasing a new energy efficient variable speed pump, contact us. We will walk you through the process and help you get started on taking advantage of these savings!

*Total estimated first-year savings of up to $640 is calculated by adding $300 rebate to $340 in potential annual energy savings.