Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are truly the best way to show off your individual style, as it is the most customizable of our three in-ground pool types!

While construction costs can be more expensive than other options, the durability and elegance you'll find in a concrete pool can make the investment extremely worthwhile.

Each Rising Sun concrete pool is custom made to fit your needs, contact us today to see what our dedicated installers can do for your backyard oasis!

Tile Name

Scroll through our options below, to see examples of finishes and the water color they produce. Click the tile to see a video of what each option looks like in a finished pool.

Concrete Water Color and Siding Options

Luna Quartz

Key West
St Maarten

Pearl Matrix

Aqua Pearl
Black Magic
Chilean Beach Caribbean
Dove Grey
Jet Black
Midnight Ocean
New Zealand Blue
New Zealand Tropical

Primera Stone

Azure Treasure
Black Diamond Treasure
Blue Pacific Coast
Crystal Coast
Ivory Mist
Sky Blue Treasure
Tahoe Coast

Prism Matrix

Blue Lagoon
Deep Sea Blue
Glossy Black
Indigo Blue

Satin Matrix

Aqua Blue
Black Velvet
Cool Blue
Irish Creme
Northshore Caribbean
Northshore Tahoe
Tahitian Blue
White Diamonds