Is Your Pool Looking a Little Green?

There are few things less inviting than murky green water when you’re looking to take a dip in the pool after a long day. When it comes to green water, the biggest culprit is algae, and it can grow to be a pain if you’re not taking preventative measures against it.

What causes algae growth in a pool?

Algae thrives on sun, water, air, nitrates and phosphates: in other words, a pool is a perfect breeding ground for it to grow. Phosphates, a primary food source for algae, are constantly being introduced into swimming pool water in a number of ways.

Phosphates can enter your pool through:

  • Lawn and garden fertilizers
  • Windblown dirt, leaves and tree limbs
  • Cosmetic items on a swimmer’s skin

How does algaecide help?

By regularly adding algaecide to your pool, you can help combat algae growth. Algaecides are algae inhibitors that work in conjunction with pool sanitizers to help control and prevent algae growth.

Algaecides act as a backup to your regular sanitization program and should be added to your pool on a weekly basis. Some common forms of algae are resistant to treatment with chlorine, so using algaecides in your pool can help to enhance and prolong the effectiveness of your regular filter system by preventing the system from working too hard.

Tips for preventing algae growth

In addition to regular algaecide use, there are a few ways to help prevent the growth of algae in your swimming pool:

  1. Keep the sanitizer levels optimized
    Chlorine levels need to be maintained throughout the day in order to prevent the growth of algae in the first place.
  2. Keep the water filtration system up-to-date
    If your filter becomes clogged, it can hurt filtration and chlorine production.
  3. Keep the water moving
    Algae thrives in still water, so it’s a good idea to keep the water constantly moving through the use of a variable speed pump.
  4. Keep swimming
    One of the best (and most fun!) ways to keep a pool free from debris is by using it often.

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