Hot Tub Maintenance

Filtration Systems

Relax and enjoy your hot tub — and let your state-of-the-art spa filtration system do the cleaning for you. At Rising Sun Pools, we’re proud to carry industry-leading hot tub filters to help our Raleigh and Garner, NC clients keep their home spas clean, healthy and crystal-clear all year long.

Rising Sun Pools offers a number of filtration and purification systems to meet the needs of any hot tub owner:

  • PleatCo Filters
  • Pape Air Filters

Maintenance Systems

Proper chemical maintenance is important to keeping the water inside

  • Frog Units
  • Natural Chemistry
  • Nature2 Spa Purification
  • Aqua Finesse Chemical Program

Maintenance packages available

If you’d like more assistance in maintaining your hot tub, rising sun pools has a number of maintenance packages available for your family’s needs, including:

  • Regular cleaning of the hot tub
  • Refills of chemicals and filter changes
  • Full service monthly maintenance

Call or stop by one of our locations today to find out more about our hot tub maintenance options.